Every week, many visitors from all over the world come to Ter Marsch & Co to enjoy the most delicious burgers, home-made fries and kibbeling...

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Ter Marsch & Co is known for its award-winning burgers and fries. But did you know that the location in Amsterdam center (in the NH hotel) also has a fantastic cocktail bar? The cocktail bar...


Ter Marsch & Co opened its very first burger boutique restaurant in 2014 on the Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam. This is where the great Ter Marsch & Co adventure started...


Ter Marsch & Co has a history of more than 125 years, the traces and vision of the past are still noticeable. Ter Marsch & Co is known from the award-winning burgers and fries, but did you know that our origin dates back to 1890?

The name Ter Marsch & Co originates from 1890; At the time, the “Factory of Verduurzaamde Vleeschwaren” was housed in 1890 at Witte de Withstraat 70. Right, the building where the company is still located today! A number of external features have been preserved within the building.

The burgers from Ter Marsch & Co have been in the spotlight since they opened in 2014. After winning many different national and international titles over the years, Ter Marsch & Co has now become an iconic boutique burger restaurant.

Our guests have a high appreciation for our products, along with the great sense of informal hospitality and the lively yet professional atmosphere. The origins of Ter Marsch & Co goes back to the 19th century when it was a butcher's shop, where the aristocracy needed the very best quality meat.

At one point, Ter Marsch & Co even became purveyor to the royal household of King William III. After which the nobility and merchants took their foreign trading partners to the shop to impress them. During that period, Ter Marsch & Co expanded its function from a place where simple foods were bought to an establishment where the local population met and came to have great food & drinks.

Today, we feel an absolute responsibility to keep the butcher family's message and ideas alive by holding on to their original vision with a modern twist. And just like the Ter Marsch family, we only serve the best products in a lively and pleasant atmosphere.

Ter Marsch to go eten

Quality Meat

We select our cattle from the Limousin and Blonde d'Aquitaine breed. Our animals are treated with respect and we take REALLY good care of them. The calves are raised by the mother cow and in our spacious open stables, small groups of cattle are held together so that there is always good mutual equality among them. In this way the cattle feels the most pleasant and the cows are at ease. During summertime the cows and their young stock walk in the meadows. This is a beautiful view, young calves suckling from their mother, and cows grazing in the meadows, pure nature!

Koeien en een stal

Farm House

On twenty farms, the beef cattle is raised for meat we use. These farmers keep their cows in spacious animal-friendly stables, provided with a thick pack of straw. The cowse that are ready for slaughter are taken by livestock transporters to a nearby small-scale slaughterhouse. The experienced employees who take care of the transport do this with patience and dedication. When the cows come from the meadows, they are cared for and fed extra while in the stable for a number of months, we call this the manure phase. In this phase everything is done in order to give the cow the best possible care. The straw stables are spacious and open so that the animals can move and lie down with maximum comfort. The farmer's daily supervision ensures that the animals can grow in harmony in their animal-friendly stables.


Breeding Farm

The breeding of beef cattle, also called suckler cow farming, is the most natural livestock farming in the Netherlands. When the young cows are between two and three years old, they have their first calf. This is always an exciting time. The calves then suckle from the mother, “the suckler cow”, for a period between the 5 to 8 months. During summer they do this in the meadows which gives beautiful views. Due to the excessive Livestock farming, often in nature reserves, the suckler cows are important for biodiversity. Calves and cows that are no longer needed for breeding then go to specialized fattening companies.

Ter Marsch & Co Kalverstraat to go
Koeien en een stal


In our modern small-scale butchery, two things are extremely important. Respect for the animal being slaughtered and hygiene during the slaughter process. The cows that are slaughtered all come from the area, this allows us to plan the supply in such a way that the cattle does have to wait unnecessarily long or become stressed. The cows are transported with small livestock trucks by regular drivers who have years of experience in the proper handling of cattle. During the unloading of the cattle, a veterinarian from the NVWA is always present to supervise the animal welfare.



It starts with a Dutch farmer who grows potatoes from generation to generation. Every day, the potatoes are transported directly from the farmer in large bags to our shop to be cut on site into fresh fries!

Our fries potatoes are large potatoes of the best quality from the Agria variety. The Agria variety has been specially developed for making fresh fries. The Agria variety produces beautiful golden-yellow fries, crispy on the outside and with a nice soft potato taste on the inside. In consultation with our farmer, we choose the right cultivation measures, which results in a fantastic product.

Aardappels Ter Marsch
Fries to go


In everything we do at Ter Marsch & Co the quality comes first. This also applies to our fresh fries, which does not end with the harvest of our potatoes. We also check the temperature and measure the starch content when storing the potatoes. Accordingly we store the potatoes in crates, which prevents them from damages so that we can make the tastiest fries of the Netherlands!



In our shops and restaurants, the potatoes are cut by hand on a daily basis into fresh fries. Then the potatoes are pre-fried so that the potato is pre-cooked and accordingly we allow them to cool down. When serving, our final step is to bake them to perfection! We do this in 100% vegetable oil, which produces beautiful golden-yellow fries with a thin skin, crispy on the outside and with a nice soft potato taste on the inside. We salt the fries with Celtic sea salt, which is a mineral-rich sea salt that has been extracted in a traditional way with love and respect for nature. After baking, the fries are served with our homemade sauce to your choice in a cone (puntzak) or a luxurious packing for the signatures fries. Definitely you need to try them all.

Ter Marsch & CO Fries

Our awards

Ever since the opening in 2014, the burgers from Ter Marsch & Co have come to the attention of a lot of burgerlovers in the Netherlands and abroad. After various national titles, we were super proud that we have been invited to the World Championships Hamburgers in Florida, USA. After competing in this amazing finale, Ter Marsch & Co ended up being number 12 of the world!

Award beste hamburger 2021

Ter Marsch & Co Winnaar beste hamburger Benelux 2021

Wij hebben voor de tweede maal op rij - de titel: Best Burger Benelux gewonnen. Wij wonnen de eerste prijs in de categorie 'Meat Based' met de Mexicaans geïnspireerde 'The Holy Moly hamburger'. De vakjury was unaniem dat de hamburger van Ter Marsch & Co uitblonk in smaak, creativiteit, originaliteit, uitstraling -en presentatie. Je kan hem bestellen in al onze filialen.


Ter Marsch & Co Winner best burger Rotterdam 2014

Since the opening in 2014, the burgers from Ter Marsch & Co have been in the spotlight. Where we immediately got lucky in the opening year when Ter Marsch & Co received a media award as 'Best Burger in Rotterdam'. According to the jury, a burger must be juicy at all times and at Ter Marsch & Co the jury experienced the perfect cooking, medium rare. In addition, the proportions of the toppings and the looks were also decisive for the first place. This winner can be found on our menu as the 'Ter Marsch Grande'

Award best burger Rotterdam 2014
Award best burger Rotterdam 2014

Ter Marsch & Co winner of the best burger in the Netherlands 2015

Best Burger in the Netherlands; a national award that is competed for every year at the trade fair Horecava. For this competition we created a female-friendly burger in a slightly smaller format called “de Burgeresse”. “The burger just had the best taste’’. All components were present and the fresh appearance was top notch," said chairman Hans van Dijk, meat expert SVO vocational training for food." For the real appetite, a larger one can also be ordered.


Ter Marsch & Co winner of the best burger bar in Amsterdam 2016

In 2016 Esquire Magazine went in search of the best burger bar in Amsterdam and Ter Marsch & Co was unanimously chosen from dozens of places. When Esquire's burger editors sampled three different burgers in 2016, they unanimously agreed that these were the best burgers in the test. Esquire at the Ter Marsch classic, De Burgeresse and the Ter Marsch Grande. From the jury report: 'A great burger! Good sandwich. The burger is double sauced, the meat is just right in the shape of a hockey puck.” “Well baked, nicely rosé on the inside and the burger is richly topped. You should see this burger as a diner, and not as a standard fast food burger. These men take their work seriously, and you can taste it.”

Award best burger Rotterdam 2014
Award best burger Rotterdam 2014

Ter Marsch & Co 12th place World's Best Burger at the World Food Championships USA, Florida 2015

In 2015, Ter Marsch & Co achieved 12th place in the category “World's Best Hamburger” as one of the 150 participants during the world championships. Months of preparation, tasting, testing and training. Stopwatches and thermo blenders, everything went to America. With a team of Ter Marsch & Co specialists and fanatics, they flew to the other side of the world to participate in the most prestigious hamburger competition in the world. After a very exciting race, Ter Marsch & Co, as the only Dutch finalist, eventually took 12th place in the world ranking. For this reason, our Royal Dutch burger has become a household name at home and abroad.


Ter Marsch & Co winner of the best burger in the Netherlands 2020

Burger specialist excels again during Horecava 2020 with Korean burger. 'The Gojira' was unanimously judged the tastiest during the Horecava trade fair in Amsterdam on Monday 13 January. According to the jury report, the presentation was carried out down to the last detail and a perfect overall picture was thought through down to the smallest details. The jury also judged the burger as original with a beautiful structure and very distinct and diverse flavors that are complementary to each other. The Gojira is a Korean burger served on an Asian steambun with a patty of dry aged meat and topped with sweet and sour mini cucumber and mini bok choy, bulgogi pulled pork and roasted pork belly, red onion, yuzu manuka honey, gochujang sauce and nori cassava chips.

Award best burger Rotterdam 2014
Award best burger Rotterdam 2014

Ter Marsch & Co winner Lekkerste Frietje 2020

The fries from Ter Marsch & Co were proclaimed the Tastiest Fries 2020 during the Horecava 2020. Ter Marsch & Co surprised the jury with 'Sweet Fries of Mine'. sweet potato fries, combined with mayonnaise of black winter truffle, parmesan cheese, cheese-peanut crumble, dried Dutch sausage and fried parsley. According to the jury, the fries had an amazing presentation: “Visually, the fries are very attractive and in terms of taste, they hit the mark. With the shaved parmesan cheese and the sausage, 'Sweet Fries of Mine' really surprised the jury."