Burger boxes for sale

Good news! You can order a burger box from us. Then you can also enjoy the tastiest burgers in the Netherlands at home. We have already won that award several times.

Do you want to order a burger box?
Send a message via DM at least a day in advance and we will ensure that the box is set up at your favorite Ter Marsch location.

- 2x brioche with sesame seeds
- 2x beef patty from Dutch Limousin and Japanese Wagyu (raw vacuum packed) or vegetarian if ordered
- 1 small onion
- 2x slice of cheese
- 4x strips of pancetta
- 1 tomato
- 2x tip of pickles
- 1 bag: iceberg lettuce
- 1 tip of Ter Marsch sauce
- 1 tip of truffle sauce
- 1 tip of truffle gravy
- 1 bag of fresh fries for 2 people

€ 25


Burgerbox for sale

Juicy Dutch Burgerbox

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