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Hi burger lovers!

We are very excited to welcome you!

Due to the current government measures, we are only allowed to have guests on our terrace.
Do you want to reserve a table?
This is possible with us upon arrival at Ter Marsch & Co.
It is not possible to reserve a table in advance for our terrace.

Sometimes you have to wait a little bit, but there is always a place available and take away is possible at any time.
We are ready to rock our grill and make you happy with the best burgers & fries of the Netherlands!

See you soon! Cheers

Farm to table

For over 125 years Ter Marsch & Co works with the most exclusive products of the highest quality available. Our guests have high appreciation for our products, the great feeling of casual hospitality and the lively but unconstrained atmosphere.

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Quality Meat

At Ter Marsch & Co, meat has been in the family for 125 years and since then we strive every day for the highest quality possible.. The love for cattle and tasty meat has been passed down from generation to generation. You can taste the good life of the cattle in our Dutch meat. At Ter Marsch & Co we keep Dutch from the Limousin and Blonde d ‘Aquitaine breed. In addition, we make combinations with the Japanese Wagyu Beef which is known for its exclusive and tasty characteristics. The Dutch cattle is raised in peace and cared for according family traditions on own farms in Twente. With their 300 to 350 kg, the cattle have a relatively low weight, which means that the beautiful young fat provides that special taste. We care about our animals, we treat them with respect and take really good care of them. Thanks to the good cooperation with the farmers, fatteners, the slaughterhouse and our butcher, we have the entire chain in our own hands and we able to serve the highest quality meat. With our experienced kitchen team, they know how to prepare the very best burgers, marinated pork belly or dry aged steaks.

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We select our cattle from the Limousin and Blonde d'Aquitaine breed. Our animals are treated with respect and we take REALLY good care of them.

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On twenty farms, the beef cattle is raised for meat we use. These farmers keep their cows in spacious animal-friendly stables, provided with a thick pack of straw.

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The breeding of beef cattle, also called suckler cow farming, is the most natural livestock farming in the Netherlands. When the young cows are between two and three years old, they have their first calf.

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In our modern small-scale butchery, two things are extremely important. Respect for the animal being slaughtered and hygiene during the slaughter process.

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It starts with a Dutch farmer who grows potatoes from generation to generation. Every day, the potatoes are transported directly from the farmer in large bags to our shop to be cut on site into fresh fries!

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In everything we do at Ter Marsch & Co the quality comes first. This also applies to our fresh fries, which does not end with the harvest of our potatoes.

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In our shops and restaurants, the potatoes are cut by hand on a daily basis into fresh fries. Then the potatoes are pre-fried so that the potato is pre-cooked and accordingly we allow them to cool down.

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The history of Ter Marsch & Co dates back to the 1890’s. Tracks and traces are still visible up until today. Let us share the story of the Ter Marsch family and how we are still working every day to keep the spirit of this family alive.

Is the hamburger an original concept from the US or was the hamburger born in the German city of Hamburg? And how did the burger make its way to our plates in its shape that we are familiar with today? The team of Ter Marsch & Co were stuck in discussions for years, therefor we did some thorough investigation to close this discussion for once and for all. The History Of the Burger.

Hier komt een quote/stukje tekst van de serie Neflix ‘Cooked’, aflevering ‘Meat’.

The name of the bar-restaurant was inspired by the original ‘Fabriek der Verduurzaamde Vleeschwaren’, translated as Factory for Preserved Meats. This was an old fashioned term for a high quality butcher shop. This Factory for Preserved Meats was located on Witte de Withstreet 70, the exact location where the bar-restaurant is located now. You can find a number of physical features in Ter Marsch & Co displaying the history of the butcher shop of the family Ter Marsch of 125 years ago.

In modern days we still strive towards the same goal as the family Ter Marsch in the 1890’s. We are located in the original building, which is now part of the city area that is known for its great atmosphere and liveliness with all sorts of bars, restaurants and art galleries. We are open 7 days a week for lunch, dinner and after dinner drinks. A personal touch, a bit of cheeky humor, unconstrained gratification of award-winning burgers, a fine craft beer, a beautiful glass of white Bordeaux or one of our perfectly served Gin & Tonic’s.

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Ever since the opening of the bar-restaurant Ter Marsch & Co back in 2014, especially our hamburgers have been getting a lot of public attention nationally and internationally. After a number of national awards, we were asked to participate in the World Food Championships in Florida, USA.

Would you like to know how we got there and how it went?

Sinds de opening in 2014 staan de hamburgers van Ter Marsch & Co in de belangstelling. Waar wij dit openingsjaar al gelijk met onze neus in de boter vielen toen Ter Marsch & Co een mediaprijs overhandigd heeft gekregen als ‘Beste Burger van Rotterdam’.

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Beste Burger van Nederland; een landelijke onderscheiding waar jaarlijks om gestreden wordt op de Horeca vakbeurs Horecava. Voor deze competitie creëerden wij een vrouwvriendelijke burger in een iets kleiner formaat “de Burgeresse’.

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In 2016 ging Esquire Magazine op zoek naar de beste burgerbar van Amsterdam en uit tientallen zaken werd unaniem Ter Marsch & Co gekozen. Toen de burgerredactie van Esquire in 2016 drie verschillende burgers proefde...

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In 2015 behaalde Ter Marsch & Co als één van de 150 deelnemers tijdens de wereldkampioenschappen de 12e plaats in de categorie “World’s Best Hamburger”. Maandenlange voorbereidingen, proeven, testen en trainen.

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Ter Marsch & Co winnaar lekkerste hamburger van Nederland Burgerspecialist blinkt opnieuw uit tijdens Horecava 2020 met Koreaanse burger ‘The Gojira’ werd maandag 13 januari tijdens de horeca vakbeurs Horecava in Amsterdam unaniem als lekkerste...

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Het frietje van bar Ter Marsch & Co is tijdens de Horecava 2020 uitgeroepen tot het Lekkerste Frietje 2020. Ter Marsch & Co verraste de jury met ‘Sweet Fries of Mine’. friet van zoete aardappel, gecombineerd met...

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Burgerlover sweater of 9 lemons

Burgerlover sweater of 9 lemons

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Burgerlover sweater of 9 lemons

Burgerlover sweater of 9 lemons

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Burgerlover sweater of 9 lemons

Burgerlover sweater of 9 lemons

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TerMarsch&Co - Rotterdam

Witte de Withstraat 70 Rotterdam

Dear Burgerlover, nice that you want to stop by during this difficult corona time. Unfortunately, the hospitality industry is still in mandatory lockdown from the government and Ter Marsch & Co is closed for that reason. Delivery is allowed, however, we have decided to stop this temporarily. Behind the scenes we are working on plans for our Comeback!

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Temporarily closed due lockdown from the government

Accessibility Rotterdam

You can find us at Witte de Withstreet number 70.

There is a parking lot close by named Parking Westblaak. For public transport you can hop on the tram of the subway and hop off at Beurs or Eendrachtsplein.

Map Rotterdam

Ter Marsch Rotterdam



Who's going to work with our award-winning burgers?

Our kitchen team is looking for reinforcements. Send your letter and CV to info.rotterdam@termarschco.nl

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Working in the kitchen or in the serving? We are always looking for staff. Apply for a job now using the form below. Answer within 24 hours.

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