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Ter Marsch & Co kent een geschiedenis van ruim 125 jaar, de sporen en visie van vroeger zijn nog altijd merkbaar.
De 4e locatie van Ter Marsch & Co is geopend in april 2021.

History Hamburger

Surprisingly, the burger originated from the Mongols back in the 13th century. The Mongols were used to eat their beef raw. They stuck pieces of beef between their horse and the saddle, due to the friction the meat became really tender and soft. It got minced in a way. The Mongols brought their meat to their neighbors, the Russians. In Russia, they call the Mongols ‘Tartars’. Do you now understand where the name ‘Steak Tartar’ originates from? 
This way of consuming meat became popular in the 17th century in the European city of commerce, Hamburg. And where there is commerce, there are the Russians. And what did the Russians bring around? That’s right! The minced beef! Although, in Germany they had less appreciation for the raw version, they decided to mix the meat with some herbs and spices and lightly grill the beef. This way of preparing beef was known as ‘Hamburger Style’. This popularly became ‘Hamburger’. 

In the 19th century the German fortune seekers and adventurers brought along the recipe to the United States of America. The Hamburger Style wasn’t easily adapted by the American culture. Only a few were brave enough to put the lightly grilled beef on their menus. It wasn’t up until 1900 when the beef met his beloved companion; the bun. But back then, the friendship was of a purely practical nature. The Hamburger was nothing but a labor workers meal. The bread was used as a utility to grab the meat, without getting messy. This was a great resource for the workers; this way they could eat standing or walking. Nothing but a practical matter.
The Netherlands were quite late-adaptors in the world of Hamburgers. Up until the 80’s of the 21st century we served the burger skinny. Luckily he found his friend le bun and is complete in the modern way, which we are familiar to now. 
So, for the next Christmas or any family occasion, you are now loaded with this amazing story about how the Hamburger found its way to your hands; (hands, you eat your burger with. Always use both hands!). Anyway, you’re welcome. 

Check out this jolly video of New York Magazine where they visually explain the History of the Burger once again, but then really awesome. https://youtu.be/HIjX8OPuf-w

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Kitchen Philosophy

Ter Marsch & Co only works with homemade or perishable products. Every morning, long before sunrise, our suppliers deliver their fresh products seven days a week. We believe that we can only cooperate with partners, that share the same vision and strive towards the same level of quality. Our suppliers only collaborate with businesses in the higher segment of the Dutch hospitality industry. Every morning our team of chefs prepare all our products, such as sauces and mayonnaises which are homemade, for the simple reason; that everything tastes better when it is homemade. 

The “Hamburgers of Ter Marsch & Co became an amazing success, nowadays even a national and international phenomenon which makes us really proud! Ever since the opening back in 2014 the burgers became an instant success. Ter Marsch & Co won a number of awards in the past years. Ter Marsch & Co has re-invented the image of the hamburger. From fast food to a culinary experience. This transformation has been made possible through the translation from a classic concept to a high-end delicious quality meal, by crafting these with the best products of its kind. Our gastro-burgers contain everything you want and expect in a hamburger, but only with the highest quality products. The best meat, the tastiest buns, homemade sauces and perishable vegetables. We have succeeded in reframing a new standard in the field of fast casual dining.  

Our team of Chefs commit all their attention to the quality of our products. From the sesame seeds on the brioche bun to the wrapper underneath the burger, there is attention to all details. We don’t take any detail for granted and monitor these aspects every minute of the day. At Ter Marsch & Co we consider the kitchen as the center of the shop, therefore we chose to work with an ‘open kitchen’. By emerging the kitchen with the restaurant we try to create a sense of complete culinary experience and transparency  for our guests in a dynamic environment. Preparation and consumption become an integrated ritual. 

Here at Ter Marsch & Co we eat our burgers with our hands, that just makes the burger taste even more delicious. For the true messy noses among us, we will provide you with a Ter Marsch & Co bib. Truly fashionable.

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1890 >


Let us take you back in time to the year 1890, Rotterdam is moving in bonanza, into a great welfare. Rotterdam has never been so prosper. By cause the increase of the harbor industry, Rotterdam has become home to a numerous amount of wealthy families and the demand for luxury goods increased tremendously. The shipping magnets are investing in prestigious majestic residences in the city center of Rotterdam. 

The best butcher shop of Rotterdam was resident at the Witte de Withstraat 70. At Ter Marsch & Co, the wealthy families’ needs were satisfied with the best quality meats and other goods. They even became a purveyor to the Royal household of King William III. Research shows us that not only the shop was a place to buy goods; it even was a place to consume and meet. The nobles brought their overseas trading partners to the shop of Ter Marsch & Co to impress them with the highest quality available. 

Nowadays in the year 2016, the history of The Factory of Preserved Meats is still visible. Did you know that in the upper side of our window display you can see the original stained glass dating back to the 19th century? During the construction of Ter Marsch & Co in 2014, this amazing piece of history was discovered and fully displayed ever since. In a city like Rotterdam we consider this as a very unique gift of the past. We are very proud of the fact that we were lucky enough to preserve a great deal of authenticity in a city where almost the entire city was destroyed in World War II. We feel the absolute responsibility to keep the message and vision of the family alive by sticking to their original believes with a modern twist. But as like the Family Ter Marsch, we will only serve the best products in a lively and pleasant atmosphere.

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Back in the 1890’s Ter Marsch & Co operated as ‘Fabriek der Verduurzaamde Vleeschwaren’, translated as ‘Factory for Preserved Meats’, at the Witte de Withstreet 70. Nowadays this location in the city center in known for its large amount of crazy hip bars, restaurants and art galleries. Sadly this street had quite a different reputation little over 45 years ago. This part of the city was known for its illegal gambling halls and dodgy cafés. It was not the right place to wander around at night by yourself.

Step by step, by the great work of the Rotterdam municipality, the street transformed by the beginning of the 90’s to an area where all sorts of artists had great influence. Nowadays the hospitality sector and art come together and serve a unique experience. We welcome our guests 365 days a year. Either old, young, locals, or tourists, Ter Marsch & Co appeals a great variety of guests. We are the neighbor of De Witte Aap Café and Hostel King Kong in the center of Rotterdam’s most exciting area of the city.

At Ter Marsch & Co we serve our guest with sincere joy. Personal attention, a bit of cheeky humor, unconstrained pleasure of award-winning burgers, a fine draught beer, a beautiful glass of white Bordeaux or one of our perfectly served Gin & Tonics. In every situation we aspire to focus on quality rather than quantity. We offer a small menu and an exciting bar assortment. We want to cherish everybody’s needs, although we will never choose for multitude bulk. At Ter Marsch & Co you feel at ease and comfortable and it reminds you of a comfy home environment. ‘Fast Casual Dining’ is our concept of serving our guests. We want to maintain being approachable on every level. Reasonable prices, high service and the best quality products. We love what we do best  and our guests know it. Oh yeah, they know.

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