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We select our cattle from the Limousin and Blonde d'Aquitaine breed. Our animals are treated with respect and we take REALLY good care of them. The calves are raised by the mother cow and in our spacious open stables, small groups of cattle are held together so that there is always good mutual equality among them. In this way the cattle feels the most pleasant and the cows are at ease. During summertime the cows and their young stock walk in the meadows. This is a beautiful view, young calves suckling from their mother, and cows grazing in the meadows, pure nature!

During the indoor season the spacious stables are provided with a thick layer of straw on which the cows like to lie. Year round we care well for our cows treat them with respect and the food they eat is varied and healthy. Our fattener provides the cows with our own mix of natural and varied food consisting of grains, grass and linseed. Peace, food and space ensure that the animals have a good life and makes the Blondes and Limousins delicious in taste and buttery tender. After their stay on the farm, the animals go to the small-scale butchery in the near vicinity. Experienced professional butchers ensure a respectful and hygienic slaughter and cutting process. With the entire chain in our own hands, we can guarantee that the cattle from stable to burger have been treated with great care and respect.


On twenty farms, the beef cattle is raised for meat we use. These farmers keep their cows in spacious animal-friendly stables, provided with a thick pack of straw. The cowse that are ready for slaughter are taken by livestock transporters to a nearby small-scale slaughterhouse. The experienced employees who take care of the transport do this with patience and dedication. When the cows come from the meadows, they are cared for and fed extra while in the stable for a number of months, we call this the manure phase. In this phase everything is done in order to give the cow the best possible care. The straw stables are spacious and open so that the animals can move and lie down with maximum comfort. The farmer's daily supervision ensures that the animals can grow in harmony in their animal-friendly stables.


The breeding of beef cattle, also called suckler cow farming, is the most natural livestock farming in the Netherlands. When the young cows are between two and three years old, they have their first calf. This is always an exciting time. The calves then suckle from the mother, “the suckler cow”, for a period between the 5 to 8 months. During summer they do this in the meadows which gives beautiful views. Due to the excessive Livestock farming, often in nature reserves, the suckler cows are important for biodiversity. Calves and cows that are no longer needed for breeding then go to specialized fattening companies.


In our modern small-scale butchery, two things are extremely important. Respect for the animal being slaughtered and hygiene during the slaughter process. The cows that are slaughtered all come from the area, this allows us to plan the supply in such a way that the cattle does have to wait unnecessarily long or become stressed. The cows are transported with small livestock trucks by regular drivers who have years of experience in the proper handling of cattle. During the unloading of the cattle, a veterinarian from the NVWA is always present to supervise the animal welfare.


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Dear Burgerlover, nice that you want to stop by during this difficult corona time. Unfortunately, the hospitality industry is still in mandatory lockdown from the government and Ter Marsch & Co is closed for that reason. Delivery is allowed, however, we have decided to stop this temporarily. Behind the scenes we are working on plans for our Comeback!

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Temporarily closed due lockdown from the government

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You can find us at Witte de Withstreet number 70.

There is a parking lot close by named Parking Westblaak. For public transport you can hop on the tram of the subway and hop off at Beurs or Eendrachtsplein.

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