Ter Marsch & Co, a popular bar and grill specializing in serving delicious, award-winning hamburgers in a hip atmosphere with fine drinks and a breathtaking interior. The design shows colorful mosaic-covered columns, floral artwork, a marble bar, concrete floor, wooden accents and corners that conceal a unique charming feeling with a fully open kitchen. It's a space to celebrate every moment! Upon entering it gives you a warm and welcome feeling with inviting scents and light and sound that enhance the atmosphere to get you in the mood.


If you come for an extensive lunch, a good dinner or just a drink: it's all possible.


Ter Marsch & Co has been working with the most exclusive products of the highest quality for more than 125 years. Our guests have a high appreciation for our products, together with the great feeling of informal hospitality and the lively but professional atmosphere.


The origin of Ter Marsch & Co goes back to the 19th century when it was a butcher's shop, where nobility needed meat of the very best quality and other goods.


At one point, Ter Marsch & Co even became purveyors to the Royal Household of King William III. After which the nobility and merchants took their foreign trade partners to the store to impress them. During that period, Ter Marsch & Co expanded its function from a place where goods were simply bought to an establishment where the local population met and where people ate and drank.


Today we feel the absolute responsibility to keep the butcher's family's message and ideas alive by sticking to their original vision with a modern twist. And just like the Ter Marsch family, we only serve the best products in a lively and pleasant atmosphere.